School for blind children

Support us to help provide funds for the Ibne Ume Makhtoum school for the Blind in Sheikupura, Pakistan.

Costs for sponsoring a child at the school are £30 per month but you can make a one-off donation. Zakat and sadaqah are accepted for this cause as some extremely poor children attend the school.

The school was established in August 2003 by Hafiz Muhammad Saleem Zia, who is a senior teacher at a government school for visually impaired children in Lahore. Being blind himself, he wanted to provide an exceptional school with boarding facilities, focusing on supporting poor children who lived too far from the school in the city.  The school has been providing an essential service for blind children and those who are visually impaired, teaching them core subjects such as English, maths, science as well as Quran memorisation.  Moreover, pupils are taught life skills so they can look after themselves as children and also when they reach adulthood.  Most of the pupils are girls, who would be neglected and end up begging if there was no such school.

The school is run by well trained paid staff who specialise in catering for children with disabilities.  The headteacher of the school leads the school on a voluntary basis.

Your donations will help to cover the costs of boarding, food, uniform, medical needs, educational material, equipment such as braille and computers, and travel provision.  The buildings were brought through charitable donations, and staff are also paid by the school based on charitable donations.

For almost 2.5 million children in Pakistan, the beauty of life that we, with the gift of vision can appreciate, is shrouded in darkness. Millions of poor children are handicapped by blinds.

For their own safety, the parents of blind children often lock them away in their homes, taking away any hope they might have of marriage, children and a normal life. They don’t go to school or get jobs. Instead, they are left to grow old on their own.

Vision of Knowledge is ready to change the perception of Blindness in Pakistan. We are here to provide support and assistance for the children’s blind school in Sheikhupura, Pakistan.

With your support Vision of Knowledge will provide the school the following;

  • Provision of brail western education.
  • Provision of Hifz al Quran and Islamic education with brail Quran’s.
  • Daily nutritious food.
  • Qualified teachers and volunteers.
  • On-going maintenance and management including uniforms for blind children in the surrounding villages.

The school provides an environment where students with visual impairment can truly blossom. With help from staff, students develop strong social skills.

Without your SUPPORT, these children would remain illiterate and could never attend normal schools or learn to support themselves.

Help support us by building a better future!

The school and charity are registered under Pakistani regulations.