Sponsor a Poor Child

Vision of knowledge is a charity that was established after it was discovered that there were a huge number of children in poor villages and their families could not afford to send them to school.

As if life is not hard enough already for these children, being poor, without an education there life is far worse. They have no real opportunities to build a good future.

It was clear that these children were being neglected by everyone around them. Although government schools provide an education, these schools are in the cities and these children are too poor to travel to get to them.

Overall, they live very miserable lives – but they don’t have to.

We have helped build a specialised school where these beautiful little children can receive a decent education and get the opportunity to build a life for themselves.

We found that these children were incredibly intelligent and they learn fast.

But we can’t help these children without your help.

You can help by donating just £30 a month. This will help pay towards the child’s:

-          Tuition fees

-          Food

-          Clothing

-          Medical costs

-          Accommodation     

For as little as £1 a day you will be helping a poor child gain a brighter future.

Help us to help them.